IMAGINE ID has now closed recruitment after 5 years. Click here for further information & resources

Our research aims to help families

Intellectual disability and mental health
Assessing genomic impact on neurodevelopment

We have now closed recruitment after 5 years

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IMAGINE ID stands for:

Intellectual Disability and Mental Health: Assessing the Genomic Impact on Neurodevelopment

After 5 years, the IMAGINE ID study has now closed recruitment. We have successfully enrolled over 3,400 individuals in that time and are incredibly grateful to all the families that have taken part. Using the information we have collected, the IMAGINE ID study wants to answer a question parents often ask when their child has a genetic condition: “So what does this mean for my child”

To answer this important question we have:

  • Collected information about a large group of children and young adults with intellectual disability
  • Analysing how genetic changes affect children and young people’s behaviour
  • Hoping this will help with the care of families and children now, and in the future

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